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2. The Three of Us

I always imagined my life as a single, a lone, wandering, picture taking, jetsetter. Following along where my heart and camera led me, belonging to no one but myself and God. I thought that was the life, the perfect life, only because I couldn't fathom how amazing life could be with a husband by my side and a baby on my back. If only I knew then what I know now. I'm still jet setting, wandering and picture taking, only with an amazing little family in tow. They say don't look at life through rose colored glasses...they must not have had kids.


Top 10 Blessings of 2013 from Krystal Donovan Photography on Vimeo.


3. Elly

She takes the cake. Both of my Grandmothers died in childbirth. So for me, bearing children was a terrifying thing, something I honestly didn't think I would ever do. Now here I am on the other side, healthy and whole. I moved fear aside and made room for her. She is my world, my light, my little love, the best parts of her father and I.

Top 10 Blessings of 2013 from Krystal Donovan Photography on Vimeo.


4. Great Grandparents & Grandparents

Sadly I never knew my Grandparents, let alone Great Grandparents. Watching our parents light up when they are with our little Elly makes my heart flutter. The relationship she has with each one of them is so unique and priceless. To be able to watch the family that you created grow into this beautiful thing called family, is worth it's weight in gold. I can only imagine how it feels to look over your life and see all the children you've made, with their children, and their children's children. I hope one day Elly realizes how lucky she is to have all of her Grandparents, along with one extraordinary Great Grandmother.


Top 10 Blessings of 2013 from Krystal Donovan Photography on Vimeo.


5. Partner in Crime


This man. This crazy crazy man I get to call husband, I'm so happy our hearts belong to each other. There is no one on this planet I'd rather circle the sun with.

Top 10 Blessings of 2013 from Krystal Donovan Photography on Vimeo.


6. Breastfeeding

 The ability to create life is still beyond my comprehension, I did it, I know I did, I have an amazing little girl to prove it. The fact that I've been her sole source of nutrition for the past 7 months just boggles my mind. I never thought I would make it here, those first couple months were killer, KILLER! I'm so happy we stuck with it, theres nothing sweeter than looking down at her smiling face while she nurses, by far my most favorite thing.

Top 10 Blessings of 2013 from Krystal Donovan Photography on Vimeo.


7. Baby Wearing

Baby wearing! Non baby wearing mamas, how do you do it? I give you major props. I wouldn't have been able to brush my teeth in Ellys early months without my Sakura Bloom. Not only has it made my Mama life easier, it has created such a lovely bond between my girl and I. Wearing Elly so close to my heart helped with my postpartum blues, I never felt the pangs of missing her right below my heart, because it was if she never left. It's also brought me such wonderful opportunities, such as the Sakura Bloom Sling Diaries Vol. IV, and not to mention some amazing baby wearing friends.  

Top 10 Blessings of 2013 from Krystal Donovan Photography on Vimeo.




8. Friends & Family

This year has been filled with new friends and old friends, all dear & close to my heart. They've watched as my family grew, supported me, loved me, laughed with me, and cried with me. I will be forever grateful for the people who have entered my life this year, and for those who never left, they've changed me for the better.

Top 10 Blessings of 2013 from Krystal Donovan Photography on Vimeo.



9. Fatherhood

The only thing better than becoming a mother myself, was watching my husband, my best friend, my partner in crime, the love of my life, become a father. Watching their relationship grow just melts my heart. The love they share is amazing, and I can't wait to watch them to become best friends.

Top 10 Blessings of 2013 from Krystal Donovan Photography on Vimeo.



10. Motherhood


 Becoming a mother this year was by far the most profound moment of my life. I will forever be connected to this little soul. Forever a mother, a best friend, a boo boo kisser, an open ear, an advice giver, and unconditional love giver. I'm so thankful for this little lady, she has taught me how to live and love like never before. Thank you for choosing me, thank you for being MY daughter.

Top 10 Blessings of 2013 from Krystal Donovan Photography on Vimeo.




It's no secret, I LOVE the holidays. Just love them. I love all the people, the rushing, the food, the smells, it's a magical time of year, even the earth gets dressed in it's best.  

Anyways, I had a point... hmmm, oh yeah! Traditions. Growing up, my mother made sure that the holidays were extra special. I can still remember bundling up in coats and pj's, piling in the car and driving around, gazing at the beautiful christmas lights. Eating gingerbread and candy canes until my heart was content, while singing christmas carols at the top of my lungs.

Since it's our fist Christmas as a family of three, I want to make it full of magic and fond memories. Even though our little one's only six months old, I want this year to be marked with new & old traditions. Christmas lights, caroling, hot chocolate,  handmade gifts, santa, gingerbread houses, candy canes, stockings, mistletoe, christmas trees, the whole shebang. Speaking of Christmas trees! We went and chopped down our own tree over the weekend, well the hubby chopped it down. I pointed and warned him not to chop his fingers off. It's something I've always wanted to do, and it was everything I thought it would be. The best surprise of all was that the farm was owned by a lovely Italian family, who ran a vineyard on the Estate. I'm talking handcrafted, 4,000 year old vine, silver medal, delicious, unaltered (no chemicals),  amazing WINE. We got the whole tour, we even had a chance to taste wines still in the making straight from the barrels. Elly thoroughly enjoyed every bit from the comfort of her sling, they even gave her grape juice at the tasting, fresh grape juice!

Christmas trees and cases of exceptional wine, I'm thinking we have a new tradition to add to the list.

image-8imageTraditionsimage-7image-17image-19image-5traditionsphoto 1-3 copy

photo 3-1

photo 1-2

I hope you all are having a wonderful Holiday, and I'd love to hear what traditions you have!

Peace & Love,




Moments From The Weeks End

Handmade bunny




One Saw. One tree. Ten fingers. It's a Christmas miracle!

photo 5

Handmade bunny for my little lady love.

photo 1

Naps & squish face.

photo 2

Mohawks & Grins.

photo 3

Nanas, we don't like them.

The Sling Diaries, VOL. IV: Everything Shines: Culture

Sling_Diaries_Culture-421-Edit copy

Culture-222-Edit copy 2Culture-196-EditCulture-200-Edit         Culture-302-Edit

        You, my dear, are the accumulation of generations loving without seeing, loving without judging, loving in the face of every wall, brick, and cruel word thrown their way. You are your fathers daughter, first born, my sunlight, my morning, noon and stars. Waking has never been so beautiful, you are wise beyond my comprehension, always smiling, knowing. Singing with laughter for the new day, greeting me with open palms, gently touching my face. I close my eyes, melting into your soul as your warm hands trace your lineage and my age. I am your mother, the one who gave you life, the one who bore you beneath my heart, tucked away for safe keeping. You know me, and I know you like only a mother could, without words. You grin and find my breast and once again we are one, connected, my life flowing through you, giving you life and morning. We’re quiet as the sun pours in though the windows, softly coating your skin with it’s warm glow, silently speaking. I am thankful to those who came before me, for those who perpetuated life through the ages. A vast culture of mothers who birthed new life that spanned the globe. German, Dutch, American Indian, East Indian, Caribbean, African, Aztec Indian, Spanish. All mothers, connected as family down through the generations. 

        You look into the mirror, not knowing the weight of the faces past, staring back at you in your reflection. All these cultures, people who make up your beautiful face. They run through your veins, smile through your laughter, gleam with pride in all that is you. I hope you know that you are beautiful, not because you’re mine, but because you are, as everyone before you was, as everyone after you will be. Lessons live on in our Cultures. Always see the beauty, in everyone and in everything. Live spherically, and in many directions. Love without prejudice. Befriend without judgment. Welcome a stranger into your home. Let food fill you, heal you, and be your medicine. Treat others as you would treat yourself. Respect your elders. Live knowing that every breath, is a fragile gift.  




        We move through the light of day much like I did when I was pregnant with you, snuggly  tucked into me. Leaving the warmth of the car, my feet hit the ground, hard and cold.  The air stings and bites, unfamiliar, as you bury your face into my chest I whisper “it’s just the cold, even it has its place.” The cold gives birth to new life, all that is dead and gone will be reborn in the warmth of spring. You’ll change with the seasons, growing long and tall, turning into the great woman you are destined to become.


Walking through the field I think about all the things I’ve learned in my short twenty eight years. I’ll teach you all that I know in hopes that you’ll hold onto my words. We’re deeply connected to this earth and everyone around us, just as I am to you. So be kind to it, and it’ll be kind to you. Kindness spreads like wildflowers, so give it freely and without expectation. 

Sling_Diaries_Culture-612Sling_Diaries_Culture-564-Edit copySling_Diaries_Culture-58-EditSling_Diaries_Culture-421-Edit copy


        I can’t wait to watch you be young, run, climb endless trees, you’re free! Free you to do whatever you please, so yell, cry, sing at the top of your lungs, upset convention, stand up for what you believe in. I’ll be there with you along the way, rooting you on, backing you up, kissing your bruises, encouraging you to get back up and try, try again. All the while glowing, you are my daughter, because I’ve loved without judging and because your father loves me, just as he loves you. We can’t wait to give you all the best pieces of us. Our little Eleanor, a big name for such a little girl, but we know who you are. You’re a brilliant little mix of everyone around you. We can’t wait to watch you make your way through this life. 





        But for now stay close little one, so I can hear you breathe. Inhaling as you exhale, taking in your sweetness. Time is fleeting, so I’ll keep these memories with me. 


Love. Always,


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I am wearing Elly in the Sakura Bloom Simple Silk in Mindnight 

Giving Thanks

Lately I've forgotten to stop and smell the roses. Life has become so busy, filled with this thing and that, project after project.

Now that the foods been devoured, naps have been taken, family has been visited, and Thanksgiving is over. It's now, in this quiet moment, when the baby and husband are asleep, that I have a chance to look around at this amazing life I've been blessed with and truly give thanks.

I have the most amazing husband, slash best friend, who's an incredible father to our daughter.

A mother, who moved down here just to help me become the best mother I could possibly be, and who already is the the most incredible Yaya(Grandmother) ever!

A family who's there through thick and thin.

A lovely roof over my head, that's right next to my most favorite place to be, the ocean.

Friends who I cherish and love beyond words.

For all these things and the things I've forgotten, I am thankful.

Life's not all roses and Unicorn farts let me tell you... But looking over at this little family I've got snoring next to me, yup, life's good.

Peace & Love,

Moments From The Weeks End


photo 1

Bright yellow leaves & bright yellow slings.


Rad views.


Vines on walls. Babes in hats.


Tilt A Whirls.

photo 2

Little hands reaching. My breath taken away.



This weekend was one of those, go with the flow, we have no plans kinda weekend.  We got to spend time with mostly all of our family at one time or another. Had the yummiest food, drank the sparkliest of wines, hiked in the forest, drove until we were on empty, walked around a fair until our bellies were full and our feet were sore, and kissed like we were teenagers.

I hope you all spent your weeks end with the ones you love.

Peace & Love,


Crooked toes & gold

gold toes

They say savor every moment with your children because they grow too fast. I've been guilty of wanting to skip a few steps, like teething, and colic, the rest I'll keep.

Watching Ellys first attempts at crawling these last few days has made me sentimental, and I admit, a bit weepy. Where has my little peanut gone? What has happened to the little baby with no head control? Where have the past five months gone? I know they've passed, the lack of sleep can attest to that. They're right, you blink, and your children are older. 

As I watched the determination in her eyes grow, I realized, this was it! My little chunky baby will soon be no more. The extra chub on the front of her knees will fade away, as she begins this next stage of life, crawling, eiiik! So I decided to make these chubby feet, the ones I chew on constantly, immortal. Now I will always remember how her middle toe couldn't lie next to the others, because of all the magnificent chub. 


Here's to seventy more.

1 year

1 year

I married a man a year ago.

A man that curiously enough, I've known most of my life.

A man who had been there all along, as my friend.

A man who was there through all my heartbreaks, and struggles.

A man who listened to all my thoughts.

A man who makes me laugh.

A man who taught me not take myself too seriously.

A man who sees straight into the depths of me.

A man who challenges me.

A man who loves me with a fire I've never known.

A man who I admire and look up to.

A man who drives me insane.

A man who I can live without.

A man that I now call husband.

A man that is now the father to my beautiful baby girl.

A man who I love more today, than I did then.

I don't know much, but I know this. Love each other...always.


meditation garden

photo 3afterlightafterlight2Birdafterlight3photo 4afterlight4afterlight5meditationmeditation garden
  Where does time go? I mean really though...where? Sometimes I feel as if I can see it as it passes by. 

Watching my daughters face light up, at practically everything she saw that day, was so thrilling, and heartbreaking at the same time.  Watching as she stepped boldly into the world that day, made me realize that the time we have with our little ones is fleeting, and oh so precious. She usually stays tucked away in her sling, silently watching as the world passes her by, not that day however. 

As we walked through the stillness of the Meditation Gardens, carful not to disturb guests who where quietly reading or meditating, my thoughts wandered to how incredibly blessed I am to have such a magical place just down the street from our house. Then suddenly, to my surprise, the quietness was soon broken by tiny squeals of joy. She laughed at absolutely every plant, bush, flower, and tree that she saw. Reaching her chubby hand out to grab anything and everything she could get her fingers around. I was so terrified that the other guest would find offense to this amazing act of joy pouring from my child. It was such a lovely surprise when person after person would came over to comment not on the noise, but on how lovely it was so witness such pure happiness come from such a little person. Even the security guard, which I admit had shushed me once or twice before whilst visiting the gardens sans the little one, came over and greeted her. He even took pictures for us, and gave the loveliest advice on love, marriage, and parenting. Most, which stemmed around keeping God in the center of our marriage, something we strive to do everyday. 

I came to the gardens that day, already buzzing with excitement and anticipation for this season of life. Filled with a sense of thankfulness, for the opportunities that have come our way this year. I left the gardens with a humbleness I never knew possible. In awe of the little person slung tightly to me, who touched so many people that day with her joy for life. 

Peace & Love,




Pretty much defines the last month of my life. We've moved back into our lovely home, hooray!! There's nothing like sleeping in your own bed, it makes everything right as rain.

With that said, this last month has been one of the best months as well, filled with growth and an abundance of blessings. I'm excited to say after weeks of anticipation, I will be apart of Sakura Blooms vol. IV Sling Diaries. For the next six months 17 Mamas & Papas, including myself, will be writing about our baby wearing lives. As someone who's followed The Sling Diaries for years, I can't tell you how beyond happy, and blessed I feel to be included in such an awesome community. The love felt here is overwhelming! I'm looking forward to sharing my Sling Diaries with you all, as well as following the other wonderful Diairsts.


Light & Love,



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"The most difficult part of birth is the first year afterwards. It is the year of travail - when the soul of a woman must birth the mother inside her. The emotional labour pains of becoming a mother are far greater than the physical pangs of birth; these are the growing surges of your heart as it pushes out selfishness and fear and makes room for sacrifice and love. It is a private and silent birth of the soul, but it is no less holy than the event of childbirth, perhaps it is even more sacred." - Joy Kusek

Another Year, Another Birthday


















Last month we celebrated my 28th Birthday, with some of my nearest and dearest friends up in Malibu. We camped out on the beach for two days, and two nights! Not a small feat, when you have a four month old baby in tow. It was by far one of the best birthdays to date, not only because of the aaaamazing red velvet cream cheese frosting cupcakes that Heather made, but because it was my first birthday as a family of 3. Not to mention a party hat wearing bunny, we are wild over here, let me tell you.



Peace & Love, Krystal


It's been a whopping week and a half since our ‘SURPRISE’ move. By surprise, I mean, one morning I woke up to the washing machine leaking all over the floor, the next thing I know, people are cutting massive holes from floor to ceiling on every level of our town home. While massively loud fans, installed to dry out the walls, prevented anything resembling sleep to even dream of happening. Making it impossible for us to continue living there. So, we packed up our little lives and moved into my mothers house temporarily.

Being relocated is no small feat, especially when you have a 4 month old baby. You'd think someone that barely weighs 20 pounds wouldn't have a lot of stuff, HA! Fortunately, it only took her a few days to adjust to her new surroundings. It doesn't hurt that my mom happens to live steps away from the beach, my absolute favorite place to be. However, there is something to say for sleeping in your own bed. I do miss wandering around my home, watering my plants, and simply knowing where everything is. 

This temporary move has been such a lesson in letting go and letting life take you where it may. We get so caught up in the day to day, that sometimes we forget that no matter how much planning we do, life, sometimes has other plans. Watching my daughter adjust to such a change in environment with barely a fuss, has been the most unexpected lesson. I have so much that I want to teach her about life, and the world around her, and here she is, teaching me. How can someone who has only been on this earth for four short months be so incredibly wise? It’s a humbling thought, to say the least. 

Establishing a steady routine for the little lady has been my mission for the past few months. I am pretty proud of our little routine. It’s made our new life with a baby much more manageable, and she seems to be happy and secure in the fact that she knows what’s coming next. After moving, I’ve had to readjust how I parent. I didn't realize how dependent I'd become on things like our rocking chair, her crib, her baby bath, etcetera. The first night we arrived here I wondered how on earth I was going to get her to fall asleep without all these things?! That said, I’m an avid baby wearer when it comes to leaving the house or attempting to get anything done around the house hands free. Our Sakurabloom ring sling is my ‘must have,’ baby item, I would never dream of living without it.  After a few nights, I was almost at my whits end, pacing the floor trying to get my little one to sleep. For some reason I didn’t think of wearing her in order to get her to fall asleep until day five of our move! Silly mommy. Almost as soon and I put her on, her eyes closed and she drifted off to sleep. I can’t believe I forgot how little a baby actually needs, boobs, a diaper, and a ring sling sure go along way. 







Image_1 copy
Image_1 copy 2




Image copy 2
Image_3 copy 2
Image_3 copy
Image_2 copy 2
Image_6 copy
Image_5 copy
Image_4 copy




Image_2 copy


Every time I look into her glorious face I'm reminded of the simple beauty that surrounds us. Gazing at her instantly un-complicates my over complicated life, she reminds me to breath, and to Live for the moments we have with one another, because each and every one of those moments are blessed. To love and be happy no matter where life takes you, or throws at you. To find comfort in those who surround you. To learn from those who you think could never teach you. 


Peace & Love,


Time Hidden Away

I write this with a sweet baby fast asleep on my chest, her milky sweetness fills the air and I am home, home in myself, home in my soul.

Time is slowly running away from me, moments filled with "the stuff we have to do." I turned twenty eight this past Wednesday. As I look back, on what seems to be my very short life, I smile, not thinking about the time I spent working, or fighting, or crying, or laughing, but I think of the people i've met, the love i've shared and the person I created. I rest my head back on my chair, as memories come seeping back into my mind, like water rising from the floor, warm and inviting, hopelessly getting lost in what was, and is my life.

Becoming a mother has been the most miraculous thing to have ever happened to me. To be born again in this little soul has changed what I viewed life to be. Everything is new, everything is different, I am changed down to the smallest cell, forever a mother. My mind, still young, is pulled in separate directions, torn with the content of what I've done, and the restlessness of what I have yet to accomplish. Moments passed that could have been filled with something more productive, moments I wouldn't change for the world. There was a time when 'time,' was endless, naps were longer, and spare time was taken for granted. I can't help but feeling somewhat melancholy, knowing that part of my life is forever gone. Moments spent dancing till the sun came up, sitting back and disappearing into a room as philosophical conversations of life and God naively fill the air.

Moving into a new space of life is strange, at times I feel as if I am one hundred years old. I know that's just my eager young heart desperatly reaching, yet not grasping what it really is to have been on this earth for one hundred years. Think of the memories made, the lives lived, the lives lost, the stories told, the scars, the vast expansion of thought.









I spent a cool evening with one of my best friends, slash soulmate, slash sister, slash twin yesterday. Warmed by a blanket and words shared outside on my patio. She has such a beautiful soul and mind, the depths of her unknown to even herself. We spoke of life, as we often do, I listened as the struggles she faces left her mouth. Though I couldn't help feeling pangs of joy, knowing that in her moments of struggle and searching, there lies a happiness ahead of her that is glowing with light.

The anticipation of what comes next is such a gift. To be able to look down at a product of the love I share with my husband, my best friend, my lover, my everything is gift enough this year. Everything else is surplus. This life, this time spent here has shaped who I am, I cannot wait to see who I will become over the next 28 years.

I am so blessed to have my life intertwined with such beautiful souls.

Peace & Love,


The love of a little girl (notes to my daughter)

I'm writing this with one hand because my other arm is filled with you. I know I should probably put you down for your nap, I usually do, but in this moment, I just can't bare to set you down. You sleep better in my arms, the warmth of your tiny body is so familiar to my own. I know these moments are fleeting, and you're only getting older, growing into the amazing women I know you will become. You're looking more and more like me everyday, you came out looking like a mini version of your Papa. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little excited to see glimpses of me in you.

I struggle to find the words to describe the love I have for you sweet girl, I'm afraid there are none. There is only this, this moment, where all you want is the steady beat of my heart, strength of my arms, and the warmth of my chest. It's no wonder, my body was your home, it was all you knew. Now an empty vessel, I long to be near you. My heart breaks and marvels simultaneously watching your fingers grow longer, your face older, your body longer. One day you won't fit in this space on my chest anymore, so I'll remember this moment, etch it into the pages of my memory, remembering the time where the lines between you and I were blurred.


Love your Mama


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The Time We Spend





Phew! One more week down :) and I've come out the other end alive, and with teeth adequately brushed. Much needed projects where tackled and finished, including our, ok MY closet (pt.2 blog post to come), the desk/office area, and even the patio is almost finished! I even got some Mama and Me yoga time in, and picked figs at the Husbands Aunt's house. As a former busy bee, and crazy amounts of projects take'er'on'er, I was quite pleased that I managed to get anything done with this little one hanging from my breast most of the time. I finally feel like I might be getting the hang of this whole Mama thing after all, at two and a half months in. To bad all good things must come to an end.

For about a year now I've been working on opening a photography studio here in North San Diego County. I'm over the moon excited to say the least. I do have to admit, I'm pretty darn nervous at the same time. It's great I can take my little one to work with me, but the idea of starting a new schedule when I just got the hang of this one, is a tad nerve racking. That's life though right? You gotta roll with the punches... I mean diapers. I guess that's what being a mom is all about right?

I'd love to hear how you mama's do it, juggle multiple things/projects/children/jobs/breastfeeding/cooking/husbands/work/everything! All at the same time.

Peace & Love, Krystal


In honor of breast feeding month, and the fact that I've exclusively breast fed my little one for a whole two months (HOORAAY!). In honor of that little feat, I've decided to write a post all about it, the good, the bad, and the ugly. No one can prepare you for breastfeeding, you can take lactation classes and fake nurse a cheetah all you want (yes I did). But no one can prepare you for how amazingly hard and wonderful breastfeeding is, all at the same time.

I decided to breast feed my little lady ever since I got pregnant. It wasn't really a discussion or something I had to think about. Maybe in my younger years I thought of not nursing for the exclusive selfish fact that I liked my boobs right where they were, pointing North (grimace). I've learned though after pregnancy, if you breastfeed or not, your body changes, breasts included, I'm over it. Nothing a good support bra can't handle.

Anywhoo, Breastfeeding chetahs...hmm where was I? Oh right! How no one can prepare you for the most wonderful bond a mother and child can share. You don't know how much I look forward to our little moments together, her looking up at me smiling, as if to say "thank you mama." It wasn't always this way, the first few weeks were HARD, let me tell you, I'm talking holy FIRE boobs hard! There were moments where she'd cry, then I'd cry because I knew what was coming, pain. There have been times where I just wished my husband had boobs, so he could feed her. Whoever said breastfeeding doesn't hurt if you're doing it right was lying. I'm sorry, but it hurts in the beginning.

Our breast feeding journey started as soon as she was born. It was the most amazing moment of my life. Realizing that this little being who I had carried and sustained inside me for ten months, I would now sustain with my body for at least six more months, was such an awesome thought! She latched perfectly, in fact a little to well. For such a little being her mouth was like a tiny vacuum, still is. The lactation consultant was impressed at what a strong latch she had. By the time we left the hospital I had two lovely blisters on my right breast from one bad latch. It went away of course, but man! Knowing that you have to place a bleeding scabbed nipple back in the mouth of a little vacuum every two hours is a daunting thought, but I did it.

Now that the little lady and I are mobile, I realized that nursing in public was inevitable. For me it seemed normal, babies hungry, I feed her, and try not to flash the entire public. It wasn't until the recent Instagram debacle that I realized some people have a negative outlook on public breastfeeding, or breastfeeding in general for that matter. Which I find a bit crazy...I'm only doing what my body was meant to do. And if that happens to be in the middle of grocery shopping, or at target, or out to dinner, then so be it. If it makes you uncomfortable, it's probably because you've been staring for too long.

We have our moments now and then when all she want to do is nurse all day, Milk on Demand I call it. But here we are, two months in, and going strong. My advice to you new mamas out there is this. The first few weeks are the hardest. And then all of a sudden BAM! You find a groove and everythings gravy. Well maybe not gravy, I sometimes feel like all I do is nurse and try and brush my teeth before 4pm. It's so worth every pain, and every hour spent looking down at that precious face, knowing that I'm giving the absolute best to my little bear. That's motivation enough for me to keep going. Only time will tell how long our breastfeeding journey will last. I'm planning on sticking with it up until 14 months if I'm able.

I hope speaking out continually on my breastfeeding journey will give strength and courage to other mamas to do so as well. The hardest part of breastfeeding is having no support. As women and mothers we should be doing all we can to support one another, and our little babes.

So heres to "normalizing" breastfeeding!

Peace & Love,


Bit's of the Week (8 weeks)

Babies First Pool (8 weeks) from Krystal Donovan Photography on Vimeo.

One of my Aunts had a pool installed in her backyard this summer. I bought the cutest little bathing suit for the babe, of course she never got in the pool, she was to busy napping. We had fun though! It was so nice just to have a few hours of fun a with the family, and not just be a pregnant bump on a log.

Peace & Love Krystal

Two Months Old


Dear, Elly

I know every parent says this, but where has the time gone? It seems like yesterday I was patiently/psssh not patiently,(SEE HERE) waiting your arrival. And now here you are! All twelve pound two ounces of you, all dimples on the knees you, all double chined you, all two amazing months you. You are a glorious child, a blessing to your dad and I. You amaze me everyday with each new milestones you achieve.

You started holding your head up a few weeks ago, you've gotten quite good at it now. One of your favorite things to do is smile and laugh at yourself in the mirror in the morning. You've perfected babbling, you started doing so at two weeks... TWO WEEKS! You smart cookie you. You also said mama at seven weeks old.

Ok so it was more like, "GaaaMaaaaaahhMaaaaaaah." But I'd like to think you said Mama all the same.

You're still not sleeping through the night, but that's ok. I've grown quiet fond of our quiet late night nursing sessions, they are ever so precious to me. I'm not quite ready to let them go, even though a few extra hours of uninterrupted sleep would be nice. You fall asleep in my arms most nights, you're such the cuddle bug. You're actually sitting in my lap as I type this, I've tried to put you down, but you're not having it. If in my arms is where you want to be, then in my arms is where you will stay sweet love. I know there will come a day when you no longer need the safety of my arms. So I will cherish these cuddles, the smell of your neck, your soft hair against my cheek, and your tiny hands grasping my shoulder. Or how you find the perfect spot in the curve of my neck, while resting your head on my shoulder.



Oh Man! Do you love your Daddy, I mean LOVE. As soon as he walks in the room your face lights up. You talk (babble) to him the most. He asks how's your day, and you go on and on, as I watch as he listens to you patiently. All the while kissing your face ever so softly. Watching you with him just about melts my heart. I never knew I could love your Daddy anymore than I already did, until I saw how much he loves you.




Every day is a gift to be your mama. No matter how little sleep I've had, seeing your smiling face as soon as I wake, makes my world perfect. Everything has been made new. From the clouds in the sky, to the birds in the air, they're knew because I know get to watch you discover them for the first time. It's such a magical sight.

For ten months I carried you, and for two months I've nursed you. So for now, you are your Mamas girl. I'll forever remember you this way, no matter how big you get, no matter how may years pass.

I love you with a love so fierce, my baby.

Love Always & Forever,



Into the Closet

I’ve always been a girl with what I call a decent amount of clothes. You know.... I could always use more? Nothing crazy or anything (My husband will tell you a different story). Hey, he has a corner in the closet ok! But I digress. Organization, if you saw my OCD cabinet post back when I was pregnant, rather a picture of my nesting insanity HERE. Then you’ve realized that I like things a bit organized. Now how to keep it that way with a small child attached to your breast at all times? I don’t know. Mama’s, how do you do it?

After a trip to my best friends house up in L.A. over the weekend, I’ve decided to dive into my closet full force. You should have seen her closet! I could have lived in it. Color coordinated, the perfect amount of nicknacks, jewelry displayed gorgeously in picture frames. The hubby even commented on how cool her closet was. It probably has something to do with that fact that she’s a brilliant clothing designer and artist, and all around magical person to begin with, seriously if you know her, you are blessed.

And with any great big ole project, here are some images of lovely closets to get my organizational juices flowing.



Do I dare to show you the "Before"? NO JUDGEMENT


The Mission: Create a fabulously organized closet, so I can actually find and wear the different clothes I have. Without staring at the abyss that is my closet for thirty minutes on end, trying to decided what to wear. Who am I kidding, I don’t have thirty minutes to figure out clothing options after this little bean was born!

Side Mission: To make a closet so cool, my husband will stop commenting on how I have too many clothes. Moooohooohahaha (rubbing my hands together while mischievously grinning). Stay tuned for the "After"!

Peace & Love, Krystal

Flash Back Friday

I still can't believe it's almost been six weeks since our little lady came into this world.20130611-IMG_7279






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