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Into the Closet

I’ve always been a girl with what I call a decent amount of clothes. You know.... I could always use more? Nothing crazy or anything (My husband will tell you a different story). Hey, he has a corner in the closet ok! But I digress. Organization, if you saw my OCD cabinet post back when I was pregnant, rather a picture of my nesting insanity HERE. Then you’ve realized that I like things a bit organized. Now how to keep it that way with a small child attached to your breast at all times? I don’t know. Mama’s, how do you do it?

After a trip to my best friends house up in L.A. over the weekend, I’ve decided to dive into my closet full force. You should have seen her closet! I could have lived in it. Color coordinated, the perfect amount of nicknacks, jewelry displayed gorgeously in picture frames. The hubby even commented on how cool her closet was. It probably has something to do with that fact that she’s a brilliant clothing designer and artist, and all around magical person to begin with, seriously if you know her, you are blessed.

And with any great big ole project, here are some images of lovely closets to get my organizational juices flowing.



Do I dare to show you the "Before"? NO JUDGEMENT


The Mission: Create a fabulously organized closet, so I can actually find and wear the different clothes I have. Without staring at the abyss that is my closet for thirty minutes on end, trying to decided what to wear. Who am I kidding, I don’t have thirty minutes to figure out clothing options after this little bean was born!

Side Mission: To make a closet so cool, my husband will stop commenting on how I have too many clothes. Moooohooohahaha (rubbing my hands together while mischievously grinning). Stay tuned for the "After"!

Peace & Love, Krystal

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