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Hello! My name is Krystal Festerly my husband and I have three little girls, to be honest, I never thought that I would have children, or be married for that matter, I was a happy wanderer....oh how far I have come!

A little under four years ago, I started a garden in an attempt to create a sense of control in my life.. You see, we had just bought a fixer-upper that had no yard to speak of, and six months later we lost who would have been our fourth child. Everything hurt, my body, my soul, everything, and in a moment of complete despair, I wrapped our youngest to my back and began my garden. Mind you, I had previously killed every plant I’ve ever come into contact with, but I was determined.

My garden quickly taught me lesson after lesson, mainly how to let go, to be patient, and to surrender to the things I cannot enjoy life as it comes, the ups and the downs. My garden has seen me through the most beautiful times in my life, and the hardest, including my husband's aneurysms last year.

Krystal Festerly and her three girls

My husband was born with a rare brain disorder called an AVM and in August of 2018, our lives were completely flipped upside-down. He became extremely ill, suffering from debilitating seizures, we quickly learned that in order to save his life we must find a neurosurgeon who could operate or begin radiation. We didn't make it to treatment before on July 17th, 2019 he suffered an aneurysm which landed him in the hospital for 33 days. The Dr.'s say it's not a matter of if it will rupture again but when, and in the meantime, while we wait for the radiation to hopefully shrink his AVM enough for surgery in two years, we are living our lives to the absolute fullest, seeking joy in every nook can cranny. Every day he’s still with us is a gift, and living a fulfilled life is more important to me now more than ever.

My art is an extension of me and my garden, it is my absolute joy to share a piece of it with you. Each plant, and every flower means more to me than you will ever know! It is my hope, that each piece that I create, will bring you a piece of the joy and comfort that I find in my own garden!


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