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Pretty much defines the last month of my life. We've moved back into our lovely home, hooray!! There's nothing like sleeping in your own bed, it makes everything right as rain.

With that said, this last month has been one of the best months as well, filled with growth and an abundance of blessings. I'm excited to say after weeks of anticipation, I will be apart of Sakura Blooms vol. IV Sling Diaries. For the next six months 17 Mamas & Papas, including myself, will be writing about our baby wearing lives. As someone who's followed The Sling Diaries for years, I can't tell you how beyond happy, and blessed I feel to be included in such an awesome community. The love felt here is overwhelming! I'm looking forward to sharing my Sling Diaries with you all, as well as following the other wonderful Diairsts.


Light & Love,



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