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meditation garden

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  Where does time go? I mean really though...where? Sometimes I feel as if I can see it as it passes by. 

Watching my daughters face light up, at practically everything she saw that day, was so thrilling, and heartbreaking at the same time.  Watching as she stepped boldly into the world that day, made me realize that the time we have with our little ones is fleeting, and oh so precious. She usually stays tucked away in her sling, silently watching as the world passes her by, not that day however. 

As we walked through the stillness of the Meditation Gardens, carful not to disturb guests who where quietly reading or meditating, my thoughts wandered to how incredibly blessed I am to have such a magical place just down the street from our house. Then suddenly, to my surprise, the quietness was soon broken by tiny squeals of joy. She laughed at absolutely every plant, bush, flower, and tree that she saw. Reaching her chubby hand out to grab anything and everything she could get her fingers around. I was so terrified that the other guest would find offense to this amazing act of joy pouring from my child. It was such a lovely surprise when person after person would came over to comment not on the noise, but on how lovely it was so witness such pure happiness come from such a little person. Even the security guard, which I admit had shushed me once or twice before whilst visiting the gardens sans the little one, came over and greeted her. He even took pictures for us, and gave the loveliest advice on love, marriage, and parenting. Most, which stemmed around keeping God in the center of our marriage, something we strive to do everyday. 

I came to the gardens that day, already buzzing with excitement and anticipation for this season of life. Filled with a sense of thankfulness, for the opportunities that have come our way this year. I left the gardens with a humbleness I never knew possible. In awe of the little person slung tightly to me, who touched so many people that day with her joy for life. 

Peace & Love,


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