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Phew! One more week down :) and I've come out the other end alive, and with teeth adequately brushed. Much needed projects where tackled and finished, including our, ok MY closet (pt.2 blog post to come), the desk/office area, and even the patio is almost finished! I even got some Mama and Me yoga time in, and picked figs at the Husbands Aunt's house. As a former busy bee, and crazy amounts of projects take'er'on'er, I was quite pleased that I managed to get anything done with this little one hanging from my breast most of the time. I finally feel like I might be getting the hang of this whole Mama thing after all, at two and a half months in. To bad all good things must come to an end.

For about a year now I've been working on opening a photography studio here in North San Diego County. I'm over the moon excited to say the least. I do have to admit, I'm pretty darn nervous at the same time. It's great I can take my little one to work with me, but the idea of starting a new schedule when I just got the hang of this one, is a tad nerve racking. That's life though right? You gotta roll with the punches... I mean diapers. I guess that's what being a mom is all about right?

I'd love to hear how you mama's do it, juggle multiple things/projects/children/jobs/breastfeeding/cooking/husbands/work/everything! All at the same time.

Peace & Love, Krystal

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By Krystal Donovan on 2013-08-17



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