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Crooked toes & gold

gold toes

They say savor every moment with your children because they grow too fast. I've been guilty of wanting to skip a few steps, like teething, and colic, the rest I'll keep.

Watching Ellys first attempts at crawling these last few days has made me sentimental, and I admit, a bit weepy. Where has my little peanut gone? What has happened to the little baby with no head control? Where have the past five months gone? I know they've passed, the lack of sleep can attest to that. They're right, you blink, and your children are older. 

As I watched the determination in her eyes grow, I realized, this was it! My little chunky baby will soon be no more. The extra chub on the front of her knees will fade away, as she begins this next stage of life, crawling, eiiik! So I decided to make these chubby feet, the ones I chew on constantly, immortal. Now I will always remember how her middle toe couldn't lie next to the others, because of all the magnificent chub. 


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Here's to seventy more.



Moments From The Weeks End


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