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Giving Thanks

Lately I've forgotten to stop and smell the roses. Life has become so busy, filled with this thing and that, project after project.

Now that the foods been devoured, naps have been taken, family has been visited, and Thanksgiving is over. It's now, in this quiet moment, when the baby and husband are asleep, that I have a chance to look around at this amazing life I've been blessed with and truly give thanks.

I have the most amazing husband, slash best friend, who's an incredible father to our daughter.

A mother, who moved down here just to help me become the best mother I could possibly be, and who already is the the most incredible Yaya(Grandmother) ever!

A family who's there through thick and thin.

A lovely roof over my head, that's right next to my most favorite place to be, the ocean.

Friends who I cherish and love beyond words.

For all these things and the things I've forgotten, I am thankful.

Life's not all roses and Unicorn farts let me tell you... But looking over at this little family I've got snoring next to me, yup, life's good.

Peace & Love,

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