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It's been a whopping week and a half since our ‘SURPRISE’ move. By surprise, I mean, one morning I woke up to the washing machine leaking all over the floor, the next thing I know, people are cutting massive holes from floor to ceiling on every level of our town home. While massively loud fans, installed to dry out the walls, prevented anything resembling sleep to even dream of happening. Making it impossible for us to continue living there. So, we packed up our little lives and moved into my mothers house temporarily.

Being relocated is no small feat, especially when you have a 4 month old baby. You'd think someone that barely weighs 20 pounds wouldn't have a lot of stuff, HA! Fortunately, it only took her a few days to adjust to her new surroundings. It doesn't hurt that my mom happens to live steps away from the beach, my absolute favorite place to be. However, there is something to say for sleeping in your own bed. I do miss wandering around my home, watering my plants, and simply knowing where everything is. 

This temporary move has been such a lesson in letting go and letting life take you where it may. We get so caught up in the day to day, that sometimes we forget that no matter how much planning we do, life, sometimes has other plans. Watching my daughter adjust to such a change in environment with barely a fuss, has been the most unexpected lesson. I have so much that I want to teach her about life, and the world around her, and here she is, teaching me. How can someone who has only been on this earth for four short months be so incredibly wise? It’s a humbling thought, to say the least. 

Establishing a steady routine for the little lady has been my mission for the past few months. I am pretty proud of our little routine. It’s made our new life with a baby much more manageable, and she seems to be happy and secure in the fact that she knows what’s coming next. After moving, I’ve had to readjust how I parent. I didn't realize how dependent I'd become on things like our rocking chair, her crib, her baby bath, etcetera. The first night we arrived here I wondered how on earth I was going to get her to fall asleep without all these things?! That said, I’m an avid baby wearer when it comes to leaving the house or attempting to get anything done around the house hands free. Our Sakurabloom ring sling is my ‘must have,’ baby item, I would never dream of living without it.  After a few nights, I was almost at my whits end, pacing the floor trying to get my little one to sleep. For some reason I didn’t think of wearing her in order to get her to fall asleep until day five of our move! Silly mommy. Almost as soon and I put her on, her eyes closed and she drifted off to sleep. I can’t believe I forgot how little a baby actually needs, boobs, a diaper, and a ring sling sure go along way. 







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Every time I look into her glorious face I'm reminded of the simple beauty that surrounds us. Gazing at her instantly un-complicates my over complicated life, she reminds me to breath, and to Live for the moments we have with one another, because each and every one of those moments are blessed. To love and be happy no matter where life takes you, or throws at you. To find comfort in those who surround you. To learn from those who you think could never teach you. 


Peace & Love,


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By Krystal Donovan on 2013-09-23



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