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the quiet light



As I sat beneath the window letting the last bit of sunlight showered me with warmth, I watched you play , content with your toy and the silence. I sat there wondering how you would adjust to having a sibling, would you still be content and happy? Would you love each other? Would I be enough for the both of you? Or would you miss the time shared between just you and I.

As the light began to fade from our bedroom window my thoughts drifted away, while flutters from a love I had yet to meet gently moved beneath my hand. It was then that you crawled over to me and laid your head on my belly, resting your hand there too. It was as if you knew, in the smallness that is you, you knew. For almost ten whole minutes you sat there with me, listening, feeling, and loving whole heartedly your new sibling and I.

A peace washed over me, and I remembered that God has a perfect plan.

My fears and worries soothed, by a little girl I am so blessed to call my own.

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