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Hello July


IG_Letters "Invisible wounds are the hardest to heal. For their closure depends upon the love of others. On patience, understanding, and the tender gift of time." -Call The Midwife

Happy July everyone! I'm starting this month out with a bang, a very nervous bang at that. The Kickstarter for the book I've been working on starts tomorrow! For those of you who are new to my blog, Hi, Welcome!

I've been working on a book over the past six months called The Letters - A Portrait of Motherhood. I'm based out of San Diego CA and have traveled as far as my car and pockets can take me. Now I need your help to reach the over 30+ Mothers that are located as far as New Zeland who wish to take part in this book. Not only have I photographed Mothers, but I've sat with them for hours, listening and talking about their unique journey through Motherhood. I've met so many amazingly diverse women along the way, from single moms, to mothers who've beat cancer, to those who are still fighting it, mothers who are terminally Ill, mothers who've out lived their children, mothers of multiples, young mothers, 94 year old mothers turned grandmothers turned great grandmothers, and countless others. Every one, every single Mother I've met has touched my life in ways I never thought possible. I also asked them to write a letter voicing anything and everything it is to be a Mother, the good the bad and the smelly.

Every Mother has a voice, great words of wisdom to share, words that are greatly needed in a world where certain aspects of Motherhood are now shushed and shamed. Where poor body image and post partum depression adds to a sometimes already lonely mama road. My hope is that this book, this collection of portraits and letters touches you in the amazing way that it has touched me.

If you wish to take part in this book or know someone who might, please send me an e-mail at


Here we GO!

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