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An Honest Mama Moment

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Happiness is a choice, a choice made daily. A choice that is sometimes a hard one to make, when you're running on empty, your patience are thin, and the inside of your eyelids are foreign to you. When colds have taken over the house, and husbands are working late. When the days seem to blend one into the next, and it could be Saturday for all you know. When you can't help but wonder how other mamas do it, when they have twice as many kids as you, and twice as many trying moments.

Choosing happiness can be hard. Choosing to get out of the house and make that day, today, a better day, is a choice. To smile, to laugh, to see the beauty at the end of a storm, to be the light you're wishing would shine, choose happiness, because this is just a season, and it might be the sweetest one yet.

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Garden Scramble

Garden Scramble

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