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Time spent « A Day at The Park


Motherhood. The most amazing job that's literally 24'hrs a day, all day everyday. Sometimes I feel as if time is spent before it's even arrived. Between projects, work, and mommying, time is indeed already spent. Nap time quickly became the only time where I  have a moment just to sit down and breath. Because let's face it, there's a 50/50 chance that I won't get more than 45 minutes of consecutive sleep any given night, thanks teeth...thanks.

I was living for nap time, and it was always over all too soon. So yesterday, I took a break. For my family, for myself, for my sanity. All it took was a short walk to the park, snacks, and a good read. Elly was happy to get out, it was time to take back all this time spent, cooking, cleaning, and being well busy, it was time to stop and smell the roses.

Sitting under the shade of a lone tree I watched as Elly crawled to this place and that, dragging leaf after leaf along with her. She'd lay in the fresh cool grass as the sun kissed her skin, and the wind spun her hair, closing her eyes as she took it all in, basking in that beautiful moment. I realized she needed this just as much I did.




So don't forget to take time for you, for your family, for your sanity. All the "stuff" will be there waiting when you get back. Life as we all know is too short, and passes by at lightning speed, so why not stop and fill your lungs with a renewed strength you can only get from taking back your time spent. With that said, I'm off to L.A. tomorrow to photograph a beautiful mother and hear her story for 'The Letters,' I can't wait to share with you all. Have a wonderful weekend! Love & Light, Krystal

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