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No-Sew «« Headband Tutorial


I was recently asked by a lovely mama to make a tutorial on how I made one of Elly's headbands, and here it is! 

This is by far the easiest headband to make, there is no sewing required, of course if you want to finish the headband by hand sewing it, you can.

What you'll need: 

A pair of scissors,

a piece of fabric, (I used Jersey to allow for some extra stretch and comfort)

and a hot glue gun.

First measure your little ones head circumference, then add 4 to 5 inches to that measurement._DSC0209

I cut my fabric ten inches tall to be able to overlap it in order to make the fabric not as opaque_DSC0222-Edit

Fold your fabric into thirds, folding the last third a half inch short. Then turn your fabric over so the short edge is table side down._DSC0276

Pinch both ends and tie a knot, leaving at least two inch fabric tails.


Then tie another knot.


Don't worry about the extra fabric hanging out we'll deal with that in a moment.

Turn your headband inside out so the over lapping fabric seam is on the inside.


Pull the knot tight, by pulling on both sides of the headband, being careful not to undo the knot. _DSC0289_DSC0291

Tuck the free ends of the fabric underneath the knot, and hot glue the pieces to the underside of the knot. If you would rather hand sew the tucked pieces, you can.


Press the knot firmly to ensure a good bond, and there you have it!


A quick and easy way to make a headband.

Let me know how yours turn out!

Peace & Love,


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