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Mothers Day


_DSC0871_DSC0868_DSC0844 Her Mother.

That's who I am. She's the one who I have the privilege to mother, and to love for a lifetime.

My first born child, the one who made me a Mother, the one who opened my world and let the sunshine in.


A daughter.

That's who she is. A spunky little child after my own heart.

Someday when she too becomes a Mother, she'll know.

She'll the know the impossible love I have for her.



The love between lovers, best friends, your other half, creates such wonderful little beings.

Love incarnate.



My first Mothers Day, what a day, filled to the brim with everything I thought it would be. Besides the food poisoning , that I did not expect, but that life right? I'll take it, the good the bad and everything in between.


Peace & Love,




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