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The Sling Diaries vol. IV ‘Everything Shines’ « Education


With nothing but the sound of my voice and the beat of my heart, you gracefully entered this world, silently, a blank canvas, soaking in every color that danced upon your new skin. Wide eyed and curious, you took me in, you studied the curves of my face. They say babies can’t see when they are born, but you saw me, just as I saw you, and so it began, a journey that has taken my heart and soul to places I had only dreamed real. _DSC0518-Edit

You watched from the safety of my arms and the sling as the world swirled by, kissing your cheeks, coaxing you to soar amongst the clouds.

_DSC0540 _DSC0456_DSC0462


I remember waiting for you to roll over, to crawl, to pull yourself up, to stand freely,  to walk bravely into this world. I remember eagerly awaiting to hear your voice, excited to hear the words you would whisper in my ear. In those moments I cried tears of pure joy. I cried when you spoke my name for the first time, my ears, never had they heard such  sweet and magical sounds.




Before my eyes, you grew, disguised by time and fleeting moments. You erupted like a volcano, steadily flowing, plucking bits of knowledge from life along the way. I watched as your hungry eyes took it all in, desperate to learn, anxious to grow.




Your eyes sparkle, and your toes curl as the world goes on and flutters by, your small hands grasping anything within your reach. Creating the most glorious music with whatever you can muster, smiling from ear to ear as you discover new things.




You grew tall, the length of you stretched over my lap, a tapestry of moments and milestones laid before me like a map.







I am your first teacher, the constant, the lesson giver. I want to teach you everything I can about this world, beyond what you will learn from the endless books that you will read.


_DSC0154-Edit _DSC0823


I want to teach you to be bold and confident in your abilities to learn from any given situation. To learn from people who you think you can learn nothing from. I want you to know that you can go as far as the edge, and beyond that, you can fill your soul with as much knowledge as you can dream, it’s there at your fingertips, waiting for you.




There is no wall you can’t crumble, so break through them all. There will never be a short supply of people who will tell you, that you can’t, but remember I’ve seen you crawl and now you stand tall. You can do what ever your heart desires, you can be  anything you want. Never lose that sense of wanting, that joyful quest for learning.



Remember that an Education is not only what you learn within four walls. It’s everything around you, from the sea to the mountains, from the elderly, to the new born. It’s the ability to let every lesson sink into you, like your feet in the sand as the ocean pulls with each crashing wave.



You’ve taught me more lessons than I can count in your short time on this earth. You’ve taught me things about myself that I didn’t think possible. You’ve grown me into a mother, shown me that my body can go far beyond what I thought it could. You’ve taught me that love runs deeper than any ocean, that patience is a practice, to laugh when you want to cry, to live life each day with a vigor, and that I too, have so much yet to learn.



I strive to let you learn, to push the boundaries, to look/crawl/walk towards the edge, it’s ok to go, it’s ok to roar, it’s ok to color outside of the lines, it’s ok to paint the sky red!

Because it is, at it’s fiery set the sky takes on endless colors.



No one loves you like I do, we shared one body, and now a piece of me will forever be in you.


Love Always & Forever,



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I’m wearing Elly in the simple linen in wheat. Follow along with the sling diaries here.

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