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The Sling Diaries, VOL. IV: Everything Shines: Dreams

butterfly dreams-6-Edit         As the morning kisses the horizon, warming your dewy skin and brushing your eyes with light, I wonder what you're dreaming as smiles flicker across your face. So new and not yet tainted from this world, every piece of you astounds me. Your curled toes and tiny hands constantly reaching for thingsI hope you never lose that sense of childish wonder, and keep reaching for the trappings just outside your reach.


    I walk through this life slowly, with eyes wide open, taking in all that it has to offer. I'm a dreamer by nature, it’s who I am at my core. At night, when the streets are quiet, and breathing is heavy, my mind comes alive as I dream of impossible things, bringing them to life in the light of day, forever expanding, changing, and creating. Without them, I wouldn't have gone where my feet have lead me, lived where my heart desired, and loved with a fire so miraculous, it created you.         dreams-94-Edit          I couldn't have dreamt you, you are beyond my wildest imaginings, and they run deep. Pregnant, I curiously guessed who you were, who you might become, wondered what you would look like, sound like. I constantly asked your father who he thought you would be like, who he thought you would become. You were so foreign to me, I couldn't wrap my head around what an extraordinary thing I was doing, carrying you. My dreams, filled with the things I knew, but never you. You were a whisper, a heartbeat, a mystery clothed in warmth and silence.    snuggleuntitled-424-Edit          In dreams, as in love, all is possible. No dream is too colossal, too immense, or too tremendous to chase. There is power and boldness in chasing your dreams, so run, run without fear of falling, because I will always catch you. There is no limit, what you dream, you can do.          Keep your head in the clouds, thats where you'll find them, your dreams waiting to be realized. There’s safety in them, a freedom seldom reached by the masses, for fear grips their dreams and stifles them before they begin. Let them burn in you, forge them deep in your heart, let no one smother them, not even yourself.  dreams-366-Edit      dreams-190-Edit     The greatest enemy of dreams is us. We have this clever way of getting in the way of ourselves. Fear and doubt creeps into our minds like weeds in a field, determined to make it their home.     Prune your dreams, fine tune them, and watch how they grow taller than you had even imagined.            I hope the life your Father and I lead serves as a constant example to you, I hope it gives you the strength to create your own dreams. I promise we'll always help you reach for them, no matter how high, no matter the obstacles you might face, just as my mother did for me.  She gave me strength when I had none, by believing in me when I didn't even believe in myself. We will always believe in you and your dreams my dear.  dreams-266-Edit dreams-157-Edit dreams-203-Edit           You've touched my heart in ways I'll never know. With you birthed a mother I never thought I would be, a love I didn't know existed, so tangible it breathes and twists into my very being. Sinking into me like a stone cast at sea. You are the dream I never could have fathomed. A piece of myself living a part from me.      My dream for you is that you exceed me. That you dream higher than I ever thought possible, reach for things that I can't even imagine. That you do everything you were placed on this earth to do.  There's magic in the air, grab it and make it yours.    dreams-594-Edit Read fairy tales, they will give you unfailing hope when life seems to have none.    Flying pages     Dream of impossible things, make them come true. Believe in yourself, believe in your dreams, as I believe in you.  butterfly   Dream of extraordinary things my love, dream.      Love. Always, Mama

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