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The Sling Diaries vol.IV 'everything shines' « Adventure



{For my last sling diary post, we took a little family road trip to Idyllwild CA, and stayed in the sweetest little cabin, an Adventure to say the least.}


Born an adventurist, wild and free, as my mother would say. There was a time where running was my only speed, I guess you can say that never really changed.


Life, to me has always been an adventure. I was always searching for it, I lived for the thrill, for the moments that passed by so fast you wonder if you were even there. How could life not be an adventure? We wake up everyday, and no matter what plans we've made, what tasks we have to accomplish, we don't know what each sunrise and sunset will bring. What stories will be told from that day that you thought would be just, another day.



Memories upon memories I've collected like stones, and hidden them away in my memory to be enjoyed for a lifetime.



My biggest worry was, am I living my life to the fullest? Have I done enough "things," have I been enough places, have I accomplished enough goals?  That is until you.


You, are the adventure I never saw coming, you are the tale that I will tell for a lifetime, you are the thrill I thirst for daily. You've woven the most beautiful light into my life and made it whole. _DSC0258

With every turn of the earth comes a new day, a new dawn, a new adventure to be had. You've taught me that life, even its simple parts, even its quiet parts, are an adventure within itself, and quite possibly the most important. It's as if time itself slowed down, just so you could watch it with wondrous eyes. I'm blessed as a mother to stand along side you and marvel at the sight.



If there is one lesson I've learned, one piece of wisdom I could give to you, it would be this. Creating life, having children, is the most miraculous thing two people can ever do. To willingly place your whole heart into tiny shadows of yourself, and watch them flourish, is the most precious gift. No matter how hard you wish to freeze each and every delectable moment they bless you with, you wouldn't change it for the world, because to witness such a thing is the sweetest heartache you'll ever know. That, my love, this! This is living, this is an adventure filled life.



Everything I've ever done, every mountain I've climbed, every wild horse I've tamed, every sheet of music I've mastered, every degree I have, every bold move I've made, though proud of them I am, pails in comparison to you my love.



The adventure does not end with the birth of your own, it begins. With an explosion of love and a fire that you never knew existed, it begins.



I want your life to be full, not of things, not of money, but of meaning, of life, real life. I want you to look back upon your existence and say with a certainty that you lived, I mean really lived.


Because from the moment you stepped into mine, the real adventure began.

Love Always & Forever,



A big thank you to my readers for following along, and for all of your kind words along the way. I will be posting about this amazing experience in the weeks to come.

I also want to say a special Thank You to Sakura Bloom for allowing me to participate in such a wonderful experience. These past six months were not only my first as a mother, being a part of The Sling Diaries helped shape the kind of mother I am today, and will be in the future. Your product not only brings together parent and child, but a community of amazing baby wearing people that I would have never come into contact with if it wasn't for you. The support and love this community that you've help shape is a glorious one, and one I will take with me through this wonderful journey of motherhood.

From the bottom of my heart, and the depths of my soul, Thank You...Thank  You.

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