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'A Portrait taken by one of the lovely Mothers  I photographed for 'The Letters.'

Over the past few weekends I've documented 9 Mothers for 'The Letters - A Portrait of Motherhood.' Each and every encounter has changed me deeply, and moved my very soul. These amazing women, you amazing Mothers! are such a gift to each other, the words you've spoken to me, the letters you've written for this book, are tremendous. Each story, each struggle, each triumph, has taught me more about myself than I could have ever imagined.

So far I've spoken to Mothers with terminal cancer, Mothers who battle depression, young Mothers, old Mothers, Mothers who've prayed for their children for years before receiving them, Mothers with special needs children, and Mothers who've lost their children, a loss no one should ever have to face. All different, yet all the same.

Motherhood can be such a lonely road, then again, Motherhood is what we make it. If only we all took the time to sit and listen to each other, lift each other up, instead of casting judgment and condemning each other just because we each "Mother" a little differently than the next, what a different place this would be.

This journey has opened my mind and my heart, and continues to remind me that we are NOT alone, the struggles we face, we face together as Mothers.


Peace & Love,


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