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Out Baby

We are finally getting out of the house over here. HOORAY!!! Because Mama was going a little stir crazy. Six weeks is a long time to basically do nothing but perpetually feed a tiny human. That’s why I only lasted 5, besides the occasional trip to Trader Joes. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love our feedings, looking down at her sweet face, little curled toes, and that milk drunk face at the end, priceless. But we needed sunshine, so off to the farmers market we went.


It’s one of my most favorite things to do during summer. Going there hungry is key, all the delectable free tastes are the best! And you always come home with the most fabulous treats to enjoy later.


The little lady enjoyed the market from the security of her Sakura Bloom Sling. If you don’t have one ladies, pick one up, they are amazing! This being our first child, I’m not quite sure how it feels to lug around a car seat everywhere you go. But having your baby in a sling and being able to be hands free is awesome. She’s can take naps, and even nurse without all the fuss, this makes for one happy mama.




After some much needed sunshine and food we headed over to my mothers house to take in the ocean view. And of course some lovely G-Ma kisses. Tummytime

Peace & Love, Krystal

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