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A raccoon & A kiss


It was a cold rainy day here in sunny California, so we spent most of the day eating too many sweets and watching the rain come down. As I sat on the floor watching Elly play with her favorite stuffed friend, the sweetest moment took place. Elly accidentally knocked him over, she immediately peered over at him, checking to see if her furry friend was ok. Then she picked him up, squeezed him tight and gave him a kiss. I could have melted into the floor right then and there. Since Elly has been crawling these last few weeks and pulling herself up on just about anything she can, she has had her  share off woopsies. Of course I immediately pick her up, squeeze her tight and give her a kiss to make it all better.

To witness such kindness from my baby, my not so little baby, humbled me.

If only we all treated each other with such care and love.




My sweet sweet Elly, may you always show such love and kindness to others.



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