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A Few of My Favorite Things

A Few of My Favorite Things


It's Friday ya'll! Do you guys have anything fun planned for the weekend? I'm dying to get out for a little adventure with the kiddos!

Over the last month or so I've fallen in love with some new products, and I want to share them with you.

Cleansing Grains

Skin care - I live in an unbearably hot part of California and my skin is seriously in need of all the help it can get right now. Also, I turned 32 this month, and I swear grey hairs and fine lines just popped up out of nowhere, YAY AGING. I needed to start some kind of facial ritual besides randomly washing my face and moisturizing once a month, like when I was 20 (sigh). So I created my own facial mask blend, using Honey & Sage Co.'s Cleansing Grains. I even mixed up a batch for my good friend whose has been complaining of the same ailments and she's been seeing amazing results too, spread the love I say! Don't get me wrong, I'm all for getting older, but I don't have to feel like the guy from Tales from The Crypt Keeper while doing it. 


1 tbl Cleansing Grains

Witch Hazel - A few squirts, just enough to make a thick paste.

2 drops lavender essential oil (by young living)


Pick Me Up -  I haven't been able to drink caffeine since having kids without inducing a panic attack, I even have to be careful of certain green teas. Seriously though!? I needed some Haaalp, I have three kids under 4, aka I basically wake up tired. I found that the Holy Wellness Tea by Honey & Sage CO. gives me the perfect pick me up without the nasty side effects.

Fat & The Moon

Bandaid Schmandaid - I can't keep bandaids stocked in this house, I swear my kids think that they are stickers, and I find them everywhere, until of course one of us gets a scrape and we actually need one. The Solution? Wound Powder by Fat & The Moon. It clots the blood and serves as an antiseptic to boot,  I'd say that's winning!

Motherhood Winging It

Style - It's no secret that I'm obsessed with the brand Mom Culture, and she just re-did her 'Motherhood Winging It' Tee, which is basically my parenting style... winging it. It's cute and comfortable, and the owner is as sweet as pie, can you ask for anything more?!

Fat & The Moon

Vajayjay - This might be TMI... but like any good girlfriend I have GOT to share! After popping out three kids in roughly 3 years mine can get a tad pissed every once in a while. Fun new changes include Yeast infections and sweat (what is with the sweaty vagina?! Hasn't it been through enough?). Well, the Yoni Duster from Fat and The Moon has saved my life, a few sprinkles and boom, happy vagina. You're welcome.



Shop The List

1. 'Nourish' hand-blended organic tea by Honey & Sage Co.

2. 'Motherhood Winging It' Tee by Weestructed

3. 'Wound Powder' by Fat and The Moon

4. 'Cleansing Grains' by Honey & Sage Co.

5. 'Yoni Duster' by Fat and The Moon

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