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The Easter Tree

The Easter Tree

In the northeast Spring is typically paralleled with freezing rain and grey skies for weeks at a time. I longed for the rare Easter holidays that were filled with sunshiny weather warm enough to wear our best dresses without the need for winter coats.

Traditions were kept strong through our family simply sometimes I think because of the need to keep the mundane days extraordinary. Days were long in our home, especially through the cold months. 4 homeschooled sisters and our mama in one tiny house. The cold grey skies and wind-whipped rain reminded us always that Easter and spring were indeed close and it was time to march in our boots through the woods to find a fallen branch. In a line like ducklings, we'd tromp through the soggy trails looking for a branch to symbolize a new beginning.

Easter Tree

To find "the" branch was the greatest honor. We would take turns choosing the branch year by year until we were all grown. Carefully we would take it home and cradle it in a basket or in our mama's blue-flowered vase so that it stood tall and proud once again. Sometimes it was a pussy willow. Sometimes it was cherry. Sometimes it was crab apple.

What you will need:

A branch - any kind will do!

Blown out decorated eggs or wooden eggs. (we chose wooden this year because toddlers cannot break them!)

Vase, basket, or crock to place a branch in

Twine or ribbon

Hot glue

Stones to place the branch in.


Cut down branches to the size that you need if yours is too large.

Wrap ribbon around decorated eggs and keep it on with a spot of hot glue here and there.

Let your littles help you decorate! This simple decoration can be done in so many ways. This year we used wooden eggs dyed simply but growing up we used traditionally German decorated eggs layered with beeswax and deep colors.

It can also be such a great teaching moment for small ones whether you are celebrating Easter or the spring equinox!  New life brought forth from the darkest days of winter.

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