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The Village™ Issue No. 3 'Travel'

Dedicated to Bringing Back The Village™, love and support to your everyday. Finally, a magazine t...

Dedicated to Bringing Back The Village™, love and support to your everyday. Finally, a magazine that celebrates honest living.

  • 158 pages of beautiful honest motherhood, from mothers across the globe.

  • A collection of touching stories, uplifting essays, poems and original photography.


This issue is dedicated in loving memory to Maddox, who passed away suddenly, shortly after images for Vol.3 were taken. Though his life was heartbreakingly short, his spirit lives on through the life-giving milk that his mother still pumps and selflessly donates to others. It takes a Village to raise a child, and sometimes it takes a Village to get you through the loss of one.

The Village is holding you close Mama, forever and always.

~In Issue Three we explore 'Travel' in all the dimensions that the word encompasses. 

  • We ventured into the wild with our children in tow, to prove that life is sweeter and not hindered when they are by our side.

  • We explored marriage and the road taken to understanding, and listened with bated breath to a heart wrenching story of forgiveness, as a Mother broke the cycle from a brutal childhood in order to raise her children better.

  • We dove into the different worlds of parenting, from single mothers to corporate mothers, proving that we are all on this journey together and that mothering is mothering.

  • You'll find a touching story from a Godmother turned Mother to two sweet girls.

Delicious homemade recipes for families on the go, and moments of reflection and meditation as we journey into the depths of our souls. In Issue Three, we immersed ourselves in the timeless beauty of childhood in order to get through the struggles.

Issue No. 3 is a dynamic and emotional issue full of touching and life changing stories that will leave you feeling more connected than ever before. Thanks to the abundance of remarkable contributors Vol.3 is a beautiful collaboration.

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