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The Village™ Issue No. 4 'Heritage'

Dedicated to Bringing Back The Village™, love and support to your everyday. Finally, a magazine t...

Dedicated to Bringing Back The Village™, love and support to your everyday. Finally, a magazine that celebrates honest motherhood.

  • 112 pages of beautiful honest motherhood, from mothers across the globe.

  • A collection of touching stories, uplifting essays, poems and original photography.


"The history of us--we're bound by an invisible, yet tangible thread. It dances across the ages, weaving itself into the spirals of our DNA. Traditions, heirlooms, and gently worn items passed down through the generations. How can a smell transport you right back to your childhood? Bringing up nostalgic emotions of times passing. Cracks in our foundation, filled with the mortar of our willingness to do better for our children. On the surface, it changed, it's evolved--buildings are taller, the pace of life is faster, but one fact remains the same. We are, who we are, because of those who've come before us. The ties that bind, though broken or built, weak or strong, old or new, woven or weaved, seep deep into the confines of our skin, leaving behind the most beautiful memories of life."


~In Issue Four we explore 'Heritage' and all the dimensions that the word encompasses. 

"What greater thing is there for human souls than to feel that they are joined for life — to be with each other in silent unspeakable memories." ~George Eliot

By Pre-ordering your copy of The Village Issue No.4 you help to offset our print costs which is currently out of pocket, your ongoing support makes The Village, your Village possible.

  • We dove into simple living, and found out that less is sometimes more.

  • We explored heirlooms and the traditions we pass down to our children, creating memories for a lifetime.

  • We hear words from our Grandfathers.

  • We learn that busyness isn't the answer.

Enjoy delicious homemade recipes from The Family Table, a beautiful new cookbook created with you in mind, if you're one of the first one hundred orders you'll receive a free recipe card! Beautiful traditions shared by James McCoy creator of and co-founder of Mother Magazine. In Issue Four, we learn how to look at our spouse for who they are and not who we expect them to be, cherishing the nuances that make us different.

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