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Sunrise Over The Sea

The Sea, it's familiar no matter where you go;the sticky smell of salt in the air,the lulling sou...

The Sea,

it's familiar no matter where you go;
the sticky smell of salt in the air,
the lulling sounds of waves as they give and take,
the caw of birds catching on the wind,
sand hugging your toes, begging you to take it home, and you will,
this is the sea.

This handpicked collection of found items foraged as I walked along an east coast shore during the month of October; when the days are warm and the nights are beginning to cool.

Organic in nature, flawed in its perfection, and given back by the sea, each piece is wonderfully unique and one-of-a-kind.

Location: Hilton Head, South Carolina

Materials - Horseshoe Crab, Shells, Coral, Muscles, Barnacles, Black Eyed Susan, Moss,  in black, set in brass 

Size - Grand 12 x 1.2 inches 

Weight - 5lb 13oz

* Comes with wall mounting hardware already installed

* Stand not included

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